Simit Sarayi

Koroglu branch is waiting for you!

Koroglu branch is waiting for you!

The new branch of Simit Sarayı, located in "Alov Park" near the Koroglu metro station, is pleased to welcome its old and new visitors. Here, you can enjoy our famous simits and hot beverages, enjoy delicate desserts or hot pastries.

Now, city residents walking through the park won't be able to pass by their favorite treats from "Simit Sarayı." Every morning, you'll find the a full vitrines of products: freshly baked simits, fluffy pastries, and delicious sandwiches. The vitrines with cakes and pastries capture the attention of guests with their variety: fruity, chocolate, and еhe list goes on endlessly.

We look forward to seeing you at our new branch!